The day I met Greg Maud – The Adventurer #TheJourneyOfAThousandMiles #OBR @adidasza #3StripeAdventures

Since deciding to apply for the Volvo Ocean Race #OBR post, my heart has skipped a number of beats throughout the pre-training training, actually it’s a norm now. It’s like I’m on a mission to blow my mind every single day, I am absolutely loving the journey, getting to know the other side of LM.

October 13th at 14:15pm, I met one of the most awesome beings on earth Β Greg Maud. The best way to describe the intensity of my emotions is : you know the adrenaline rush ahead and during skydiving…that super super high, can’t feeling nothing high or rather that feeling you get when you arch out of the plane.img_2921

For the most part, meeting Greg made me feel at ease knowing that I am not the only “crazy one”. There are many like-minded people out there!

I was so star-struck, I couldn’t remember what I wanted to ask him. What hit home for was how he was more interested in my endeavours for #OBR then talking about The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Solo Row. When a person of his caliber is more interested in talking about little old me than talking about the titles he holds.

For the first time, I felt my weirdness was actually pretty cool.


I told him about my pre-training plans and routines since submitting my application and funny enough, he also went through similar training for the Atlantic Challenge.

The journey continues … #LungiLearnsToSail πŸ™‚

Thank you Greg πŸ™‚


Photos by @volvooceanrace


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