My craziness honors your Craziness #SailInFestival2017

Randomly scrolling through my Twitter timeline last sunday and I came across a post about 2-5 Marzo. I sent a message enquiring and later a DM to my besties  and Mom saying I need to and have to attend this Sail In Festival in Bilbao.

A day later, I had booked a hotel and reserved a flight without finalizing entry to the festival. I know pretty rad, a response was merely a technicality. I was gonna attend the festival either way. Lo and behold, the universo found a way and before I knew I was taking taking off O.R Tambo on rainy thursday evening.

My hopes for the festival were to speak to Tracey Edwards – MBE, Abby Ehler, Didac Costa and Maria but I got more than I could´ve ever imagined.

Sail Talk with Didac Costa of Vendee Globe 2016 on his One Planet, One Ocean Project from beginning to crossing the finish line after 108 days. He had a rocky start to the race to say the least but with lots of hardwork, his support team and firemen, he finished in 14th place.

Sail Film featured Latitude 80 N – Sterna project followed by a talk with the brave Albert Bargues. Albert is a pioneer in offshore sailing in Espana, he has crossed the Atlantic Ocean 14 times – three times all by himself-, and has embarked on two around-the-world sailing journeys. The person on paper is just as amazing in real life. He was startled by me flying all the way from South Africa and I was starstruck. ´My craziness honors his craziness´. Some people honestly make the world better just by being in it.

The best way to describe what the festival meant to me:  I found myself yet again, that sense of belonging, being one with the universo, I was so happy I cried…cried because I was overwhelmed with so much joy in my heart. The feeling is close to being miles away offshore with no land in sight but horizons around you, that oneness with the universe.

To the Sail In Festival, I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. It was more tan



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